May 09, 2009

School, Outdoor Activities and, EXAM.

Yea, I know I have 'LOST CONNECTIVITY' with blog since a lot of time. You know, i'd been stucked with tonnes of works to be done. And that's not all, I've got thousands of curricular activites such as Debate and so on. And now, I'm to stressed.

You know, I'd been leaving school almost A MONTH, only for this year. And guess what, A LOT OF HOMEWORKS, A LOT OF REVISION, - I'm STUCKING INTO IT. I can do nothing. Yeah, maybe the're someone will tell me, SCHOOL'S NO 1, OTHERS AFTER SCHOOL. But, I SAID NO WAY. I know, I just have to divide my time wisely, because If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.
But, now I'm trying to catch up all those things. I'm now like a blind,
can't understand some of the teachings by my teachers. Especially, Ms Azmah when she taught Science. She's right now teaching Electric Current, Electromagnetism. Huh ! It's very hard to understand. But, when I asked some of my buddies, they said they get it well. This means that,
THERE'S SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH MY BRAIN. But, wait, I'm not Brainless. I have brains and I know, my brain can do EVERYTHING THAT I WANT. I'm also hoping that I'll be the Top ranker back after being a 'veterant' for a quite long time. I know that this is THE CLIMB. I'm going to break my leg and do everything, and maybe THIS WILL CAUSE DEATH (just kidding) just to get 4.oo. I wanna break PT's tradition.

One more thing, anyone who read this, could you please tell me, what's wrong with me cause sometimes, I think my brain got problems. Sometimes, I have to think DAMN HARD until it hurts my brain, to get the answer, bla-bla. I also feel, when i'm thinking, THERE'S A VIRUS, blocking the THINKING PROCESSES. I know, this might sound silly, but it's the truth. I've got psychology problem. But, I'm too ashamed to told this to someone.

Okay, it's already 3.33 am. I've just finished doin my KGT, KKS, and some of the pamplets asked by Ms Rosida for me to do it. You know, I love helping others with computer stuffs. By the way, check out AiKO robot, it's great. Not that great actually. But, she's gorgeous. (Naughty). I'm leaving.