October 15, 2009

PMR 2009 review (Science is hard !!!), VMA 2009

When I first stepped my feet onto the examination hall, I was a bundle of nerves and feel all the adrenaline moving greatly trough my veins. Opening the first paper, BM P1, quite okay. But when it turned to Science Paper 2, OMG, i was a little shocked and dazzled.

It was too hard, i think for students in PMR. But gratefully, I managed to answer all the questions, although I've got no idea whether it's right or wrong. But, when I pondered Ms Azmah, my science teacher, she said, "The Kementerian will make questions, standard questions, which means, all the questions can be answered by all type of form 3 students all over malaysia, whether they are from the MCKK, TKC, MRSMs, or even the students from rural ideas or at the country side, such as Manek Urai..." At first, I can't stop laughing becase for me, Ms Azmah has a good sense of humour and she's able to make anyone smile, without joking. (But, we're not jerking those in Manek Urai... sorry)

But, if it is true of what Ms Azmah said, I don't think that the PMR SCIENCE PAPER 2 questions can be all-answered by those who were in rural areas, and it need a very high IQ to think hat's the answer. Even I can't. But hopefully, all PMR candidates were satisfied of what they had done in PMR 2009. For me, I'm always prayin for my victory of getting 8As (as I stated in my Friendster page). Pray for me and all PMR candidates who had just sit for it.

Well, PMR's finished. Let's take a sneak peek on the MTV Video Music Award 2009. Overall, besides the Kanye and Taylor controversial VMA Moments, I think the MTV VMA was incredible and great. I love Madonna's speech, MJ's dance, Janet Jackson tribute to Michael Jackson, Pink's great stunt, Beyonce;s dance, Lady GaGa, Russel Brand and so on. It was i incredible.

I think, I'm going for now. Bye.