November 03, 2009

Graduation Day, Debate, So Much to Say !!!

Recently, MJSC Pasir Tumboh organized a Graduation Day to all third formers of the college. And, gratefully, I was ranked at no 1 (as I stated in my previous post). The Graduation day went so-so, nothing's interesting. Btw, I also got the award for Best Academic Achiever ...Awww... But, I've more interesting thing to tell. My feelings, and how I feel, when I'm happy and when I received the award. At first, I was a lil' bit upset with my parents because I saw them too busy with their works. Yes, they did come, but, I can see the business on their faces. (Ahaa)Anyway, I'm always thinking that my mom would cry seeing me on the stage. But, I see nothing. But when I steepped out of the stage, Oh My God, I'm just a like A Celebrity !!! There were too many people lending their hands to me, just to shake hands and did some greetings... I was at top of the world at that time actually... My mom and dad also looked happy, but not as I expected. But, it's still okay...

But, the feeling that I wanna share is the feeling, of being the top. I'm not being proud of myself, but I'm just wanna share it. Yeah, when you are being idolized, you felt great. But, behind the feeling of greatness, you should know that YOU ARE BEING IDOLIZED, YOU ARE BEING OBSERVED, AND YOU ARE BEING JUDGED. You have to be carefuL

From left, Me, Umie Nornisya and Fariz.

Next, the Debate. This is one of the activity I faced after the PMR 2009. Yeah, I confessed that I'm a lil' bit overconfident at first, because I had not done any preparations for the debate. It's very spontaneous. And, my OVERCONFIDENCE turns to something bad. I swear. I'll never be. When I first giving my opinions and debating, I was a lil' bit kinda uhuh~uhuh... I was a lil' bit stopped at some times. And the hall of debate was quite quiet at that time. I was a bundle of nerves at that time. And I learn something. Never be overconfident. Never. My team members was Me, Fakar and Fariz. We were too happy and finally, Alhamdulillah, gratefully, WE WIN THE DEBATE. But, the best speaker goes to the one who was our opponent. She was great. She was perfect. Her speech makes us SPEECHLESS !!! Here is the pic.

Goodbye for now, see ya !