December 05, 2009

The Fear of PMR 2009 ; missing mates so much !!!

Long time no blogging. Hello to all bloggers and everyone who is viewing mine (including the anonymous). I’ve got no time to blog cause I used all the time to relax, enjoy and not to say sleep as the weather right now at my place ( I stay @ Kelantan, MY) is very cozy and tranquil. Also, I’m getting my adrenaline moving very fast through my veins most of the time because the 2009 PMR result is gonna be out very soon. So, it’s just… I’m pathetic. Having cold feet right now…

For the PMR 2009, as I mentioned in my previous posts, it’s so-so, not so easy and not so hard. I’m very afraid especially in Science. I’ve got one wrong answer in the Paper 1 and it’s still good actually. But, for the Paper 2, I was a lil’ bit afraid about it. I just saw the scheme and thank God, most of the answers of mine are correct. But, the fear is still haunting me. I don’t know why. Btw, I also want to mention to all readers that I’ve got psychological problem. It’s not I’m crazy. Maybe I am. It’s just crazy. For example, I just love to think weird stuffs – things that I should never think. You’ll never can figure it out. For instance, whenever I breathe, I think how can I breath automatically, without controlling my lungs and so on ? Whenever I tried to think ‘bout it, I will start controlling my lungs and my breath. When I do that, it makes me sick and drives me crazy. But, I can’t stop it because my mind always asked me to do that. I can’t stop my mind, to stop the shit. Do you get it ? I know you don’t. Hahaha….

I’m always pondering the beautiful fantastic moments with my mates. I just love all of them. I miss their smiles, miss their anger, miss their cries, miss all of them and theirs. Especially Nazrie Adam. The only peer of mine who shares the same personality with me. He is an ordinary guy. He’s in Form 4 right now. He loves music. So do I. Whenever we meet, we just love to talk about newest songs and entertainment updates, we love to talk about Twitter, we love foods ! But, it’s been long time since I didn’t see him. I still remember when we were desperate of songs. It had been months since we could go home (We were at our college right now). So, we planned to go the Staffs Room which was still available (opened) at that time and used the Internet to download some songs. We transferred it into our mp3 players,, and savoured it enjoyably – Together. Nazrie said, it’s not bad to do that as we didn’t steal things. We just used it. Furthermore, the computer was already turned on and we just borrowed it to download songs. I just couldn’t stop laughing.