March 14, 2010

After so much hardships, finally… MRSM PC – not up to expectation ???

Don’t get it wrong. This controversial post has the potential to be MRSMPC’s bulletin headline. Anyway, what I mean with not ‘up’ to expectation is not something serious. Besides the amenities and physical looks which are, not to say- TERRIFYING !, the mosquitoes are too many ! Just hate comparing it to my former school MRSM PASIR TUMBOH, but I think PT’s much better , - in this aspect. Too much to say, so Im gonna post it, with words and stars (over 5) describing it, in points, just like in Debate…(Haha)

Not too ketat and I can adapt to it. But, no BOYS n GIRLS sitting too close (This is just 4 juniors…ooopsss!) Girls have to wear socks but they’ve never done b4 this in their former schools. But, it’s WAJIBAL-GHUNNAH 4 them to do that. Sandals – ALL DAY LONG !!! This is my first time, adapting to sandals… Sandals are ugly, but RULES ARE RULES. Got to appreciate it.


At the very first day, we’ve been introduced with all the abangs and kakaks yang amat baik2 n sporting. The most attractive one to my eyes was Abang Umar. He’s humorous. (I know ur reading right now, don’t perasan…) Just love his style in giving speech and holding the ceremony. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the LDP’s vice president. I wonder – why that kinda guy couldn’t be the BWP…. BWP’s President is funny Abang …….’llah. (Cant remember his name.. But it ends with the ‘’lllah’ sound at the back) He’s too funny, just in my eyes I thought - esp. when he gave a speech. Not like abg umar who was very humorous, but HIS STYLE IS FUNNY, BUT HE’S NOT MAKING IT. More seniors…., ABG SAMAWI ! Baik, tapi sometimes too horrified seeing him face2face. Guess what, he sounded so STRICT when there were roll-calls. Still remembering all these words, “………kalau xnak kena bodyglove kat muka”,” and blah-blah-blah…. But, HE’S BAIK. In a nutshell, SENIORS ARE JUST OKAY !!!

Being in PC means a lot. When we are facing seniors, we’ve gotta smile to ‘em. 4me, it’s not a problem as ive done this b4 in my former schools. What I see is, the SENIORS GOT RED FACES when we smile to em ! Smiling doesn’t mean “Cantiknya kakak….” Or “Handsomenya abang…” But they are just to show respects to them. Anyway, it’s great to smile to them as most of them will give it back to us. Sick of it? No… It’s just an expression used to describe, when we mis-smelt to the juniors which look like seniors. Imagine, there are 300 something new arrivals – f4 students, and they come from all walks of like. Ada yang besar, kecil, panjang, pendek and so on. So, differentiating their faces are just too hard. Anyway, I don’t care about smiling, and remember – As it’s sincere and from the hearts, it counts.

EATING STUFFS – Mamma Mia – 4 ¾ STARS.
The foods are just okay. Burgers sold by Pak Lam yang kiut are genius. I just Mak Lam’s handmade ABC. It’s super-Genius. Imagine, Ice, cream, nuts, sweets, and jellies; all in one mouth, the coolness just drives me crazy. Love having “rendezvous” with Mak Lam as she’s an ENTERTAINER !!! Sharp @ 11.45 and some seconds, I’ll be making my way to Pak Lam’s stall (somewhere in MRSMPC) cz I knew that no one will be there at this time. Buying ABC and burgers are just excuses, I JUST WANT TO TALK WITH THE ABC GIRL- the cute MAK-LAM !!! Huhuhu… One more thing, provided foods (DS) are great, but the annoying DS GIRL just drive me crazy. Too gedik. But, anyway, should be thankful to her (she’s the only gedik girl, the rest – OKAY !) as she yg bubuh lauk-pauk to me…

• COMPETITION !!! – Gotta work it out ! – 5 stars
Competition in PC is really tough. Tougher than I’ve tought. Even on the very first day, new 4th formers started to show their true colours. There are lots of representatives in events. That inspired me a lot. When a BM Debate try-out was held, my god, lots of people coming to have a shine in it. And they are SUPER-GREAT ! I’m not freeing this “white dove coming to my house” as Debate is what I keen on, seriously. But this was in BM not an English debate; which ive used to be into. But, doesn’t matter, just 4 trying and not to say, fun. Alhamdulillah, Im the chosen one ! with 4 more friends of mine. We have become a team. Dramafest tryout ? Im in it… but the result was still not out yet…. Waiting 4 it.. But SERIOUSLY, COMPETITION IN PC IS QUITE HARD… Shining ? Absolutely, but in a proper way…. (cynical)

• TEACHERS AND LESSONS… - Hmmm…Okay la – 4 stars
Lessons in PC was a drive-thru ! Superfast ! Now, Ive got it, when people wanted to switch to other schools … It’s just because they couldn’t catch up with it… Just like me in the beginning… But Alhamdulillah, I managed to get all stuffs taught by teachers in class, after having discussions with friends and did some self-revisions… Subjek SPM is so far so good. Tapi, Physics is quite confusing, AddMaths will be easy to those who understood all the crazy unlogical formulaes… But, IT’S STILL COMPLICATED. The rest is okay… Teachers and staffs ? Okay !! Right now, my votes go to Ustazah who taught in PAI, cz she didn’t make me ZZZZZing in class – Ustazah Saniah. She’s so cute and I can’t describe her style – TOO CUTE, just like her.

• HOMEWORKS ? – SUPERB !!!! – 6 stars !
Nothing can beat homeworks in PC. Homeworks are super-duper BANYAK ! No time to play, but there’s time to sleep. Right now, I haven’t touched even one of the books that ive brought home. Btw, Ive gotta think the Science project that Ive gotta hold for SEM. Alaahhh, malasnyo nok perah otak… PHY + CHEM + ENG + BIO + BLAHHHH2 = ALL MASHED INTO ONE, making me at the fullest insanity.

That’s the review for MRSM PC. So far, 4 ¾ stars for MRSM PC. MRSM PC – My new home. My new Hope. MRSM PC taught me to be more realistic and competitive. Like was not like fairytale. We just cant simply do some spells, and life will be like what we want it to be. WE’VE GOTTA WORK IT OUT. Btw, I’m so shocked seeing David, the winner of Biggest Loser Asia (HMark Channel). He seemed to be a WEIRDO ! Something’s wrong with his physical appearance. No matter what, he’s the BIGGEST LOSER. Lost 82 kilos ! Unbelievable. That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check Ch [V] Spotlight with Cheryl Cole. She’s smoking hot.