September 30, 2010

Tunas Saintis 2010 + Cikgu Nazimah's blog review + Feelings and Emotions + etc.

No word can describe how did I feel for about months, being away from my blog, because of... yeah, still Busy-ness. In my previous post, I've mentioned about my homesickness and all, back and forth, but trust me (I've said this to myself) Homesickness is just very temporary. Lasts for 2-3 hours only. What makes me forgetting it, and have life of technicolour is again, busyness. You can just wonder predict yourself what is going to happen to you, what is happening to you and what had happened to you. But, in fact, everything you felt is a total myth. You don't know yourself. But, no matter what, continue cruising on life, as what you've wanted it to be. I'm the Nazrin who love great inspirational words such as Great, Believe, Yeah !, and so on. I love quotes. Im thinking on publishing a book, one fine day (Cikgu Nazimah's fav phrase) where I can motivate tons of people to continue living this magical Earth, with enthusiasm and inspiration. Maybe it's something cliche for me to say, YOU CAN DO IT!, or BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !, or YOU'RE THE BEST!, or NO ONE IS AS GREAT AS YOU! (btw, I love exclamation marks). During a Leadership Camp Ive attended held by school counselor, Im attracted with one saying; "EVERYTHING IN FRONT OF US ARE FOR US TO PONDER" which means, Allah had made us seeing something, in a time, which is not seen by others. (I know this sounded quirky, but, for instance, when we see a violence happening a very few inchs from our eyes which the others don't, Allah did that for us to ponder, and to act.)So, from now onwards, I started not to take something Ive seen very granted, because it's just meant for me, to act.

Hah, switching to another character of Nazrin - fun. MRSM Pengkalan Chepa will be hosting the 2010 MRSM's National Tunas Saintis. So, everyone in my maktab had been putting thousands kilograms of efforts in making this big event of the year, an also big success. The've been hands-on with all the microscopes, stage decoration, etc. At first, I'm very pleased of going home, (as all the people are going to clear up the maktab to place for the contestants. It's not just for fun, but I have a very crucial urgent doctor's appointment, regarding my asthma problem. But, on one fine day, Ms Ashiqin, best known as Mummy, called me for a multimedia slide show during the closing. OMG, i must go home. Medical's kinda stuffs. But, after thing awhile, I think it's better for me to stay here, assisting them with all the to-dos as this is a very experience of a lifetime. So, as Ive could see with my two eyes, everybody was running out of hands doing this and that. What amazed me is the very effective organisation or simply, Ahli Jawatankuasa. Every meeting's running smoothly with everyone doing their very own work. God-willing this Tunas Saintis is going to be a boom that will carve the historical moment in everybody's coming's memory box.

Believe it or not, I've never felt drowsy during Cikgu Nazimah's Chemistry class. I don't mind if Chemistry is going to be four periods per day, I totally don;t mind. I felt energetic of going to the lab. What makes it fun and magical is absolutely the Chemistry guru and master, Cikgu Nazimah Mohd Isa. She was TRULY BESTOWED with GREATNESS, MOTIVATION, EFFECTIVE SENSE OF HUMOUR, CUTENESS, FRIENDLINESS, and all sorts. She has her very own approach, that makes Chemistry very fun to me. (I'm struggling to get 100% for it!) I just adore the way she talked, taught and most importantly, her natural smile that will drive everyone crazy. She's a genius. By the way, Ive checked her blog at and it's very inspirational. It will be making you a day. Go on and check it out !

I've been doing this post, days before Tunas Saintis 2010, now Im going to back to work. Bingo, time's up. Bye.

p/s : VMA 2010 is a little let-down. VMA 2009's much way betta.
p/s/s : Thanks Cikgu Nooraroslily ! Haha.