December 20, 2010

What have I done with my holiday + Rewinding the Reality Bites and Glitches of me at 16

Well, how to start...I cant believe the time is flying by just too fast. Slow down, chill. This year's final holiday was insufficient. No idea why, but basically, when I'm at home, ill be turning into a wild partying guy. For the whole approx. two months, no word of "Books", "Studying" coming out of my luscious lips. Holidays are meant for freedom so there I was. Free of mindfreaks and magnifying glasses. What depresses me a lot, is - my internet cable was stolen again by nasty hasty individuals who just live for drug. So, Im losing contact with the real world continuously, until I hit the CC for Internet. Seriously, Im dying for it. So, in a nutshell, there's NO BOOK AT ALL being with me during holidays. It's not even in my mind. Everybody's goin for a tuition, but not me. Im so laid out despite the holiday's inadequacy. So, what did I do?

Most of the hostel people and the boarding school denizens, they knew how it was to be there. Full of insanity, fast-pace of time, evilness, craziness, boringness, and undisclosed desires and lusts. So, the chances were widely opened, and all I have to do was to take everything off, lie on bed and sleep. At home, I slept very late satisfying myself with fave tv shows (which ranked at 2nd position in the list) Often at 3 or 4. Sometimes I'll be waiting until it's five thirty so I can pray Suboh as well, (Im a good Muslim) Time to hit the bed was basically very close to the dawn. The hibernation continued usually until 2..30 o'clock, the latest in the record, 4 o'clock. It was just fun, Should try this at home. The feeling of freshness, and a great moan of relieve will drive you nuts, after waking up. Try it !!

Imagine a set of a convincing theater system with an exceptional TV, plus, lights-off scenery with maggi in hand while watching Poisedon and Doomsday. Nothing can beat it. I did this at night. I love thriller and epic movies, romantic comedy and investigation kinda stuffs. But, an Illuminati-themed Angels & Demons, was a bit confusing. I cant reconcile the scenes and incidents in the movie. But the best Ive watched until now was The Reader starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. That movie was breathtaking and artistically beautiful. It was about a 15yo boy having an affair with an older, unable-to-read woman. Winslet was stunning with her acting in the movie. No wonder she was nominated in a lot of awards thru the movie. MTV offers everything I ever wanted. At home, MTV was the channel with the highest usage frequencies as my family love it so freaking much.

Undeniably, music was my bestfriend during the holidays. I prefer pop and R&Bs. Florence + The Machine was brilliant. I love Cosmic Love so much. Very Picasso. In our family area, at home, we've got a PC with home theater sys. which we frequently tuned to favourite danceable tunes ie. Michael Jackson's evergreens, Kylie Minogue's, tATu's, Rihanna's, and lots of Jason Derulo's. We'll be spinning and dancing crazily, ignoring all the fact that we're old to do so. Who cares, it was a lot of fun. We also often switched to channel 851 on Astro, the Radio Channel. There were some radio stations choices and it included Tamil, Chinese, Orang Asli music. So, we've done sorts of 1Malaysia spontaneus dance with the music on. Sometimes, my mom would do so. We can't just stop laughing out loud afterwards.

Im not sure how many plates of food Ive savoured each day. Minimum of five. All kinds of food, u name it - ayam goreng, sup telur, sup ekor, tom yam, sup tulang, Cornetto, and all stuffs - have i tried. Nothing can beat the deliciousness of budu comel. I enjoyed cooking too. Ive made nasi goreng and mee goreng for the whole two months. I ate a lot of bread with peanut butter, i knew it sounded crazy, but it was genius. It was tastier than u thought. Exceptional. Mamma Mia. It's a certain Ive gained lots of proteins and carbs this hols.

So, rewinding the moment of being 16; it was such a priceless moment. I was a 4th former at MRSM PC. The most important thing happeneing to me at 16 was -I managed to control my big ego, hearing to the others' points of views. Maybe it's just the part of growing process. No idea. Previously, no one was right except me. So, currently, I started learning ways of considering the societies' opinions. Glitches Ive ever encountered was the Identity Crisis that had driven myself
crazy. It's just, it's hard to determine who you are actually. We human beings, wanna be this and that. We wanna be Perfect. We worked for it, but sometimes, it was just not coming in our direction on the right way. Ive learnt how to lose things and how to deal people we don't like. Remember,
2010 taught me a lot about the people and their natures. 2010 was also a great year for me. Wish to do more on 2010. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Can't believe the fact Im Seventeen. SPM, here I come.

Bye. (too tired of typing....)