June 07, 2011

Back Blogging, Newest Nazrin's Updates You Really Wanna Know!

Well basically, holidays cannot be more meaningful than this mid sem break. Literally, I’m at home with my dad, mom, brothers, sisters including my newly born sis. Trust me, I've never seen any baby cuter than her. She’s so affectionate, looking so full of love and very attractive. Her white subtle, delicate cheeks just drive me crazy. Her round eyes, curly-labyrinthine semi-blonde hair makes me love her even more! I bet she’s the cutest of all, and that’s why she’s named Nazneen; which means, beautiful and attractive (kinda driving me to ponder of my homeroom advisor Ms Nurun Nazneen, a cute demurring little teacher J ). But that’s just part of today’s thought. What I'd like to share with all my readers today is about, a mistake I've done before; which literally I tend not take it seriously; but it is serious, and I learnt this in my holiday.

Holidays are just too plain to me. For me, it’s not that highly-anticipated, highly-awaited. Just a period of time to be free of laws, tight scrutiny and magnifying glasses – I'm trying to relate with Nazrin Nazman in school, who sometimes felt unexposed and not being himself. I'm a free-thinker, I'm open to all ideas, I can listen to any conversation, I’m okay with bad words, I don’t take things so seriously. Life’s for fun! One of my closest peeps, Hajar Aziz noted me as a hedonist who just slaved myself in the edge of fun and glories (Gaga’s newest single, The Edge of Glory). I'm not a hedonist Hajar, but I love world! But things are not going that fun when I'm in school. You know, laws are okay. But people’s perceptions and expectations are the problems. We are of all walks of life, and we are all different in our ways. Different ways mean different thinking. So you can do everything as long as it’s not over the top. But for me, who the hell cares, this is my world and I'm gonna colour it with my paints!

In any tests or exams in my school, I'm not that worried. 2011 started off well, so did my works. My non-academic tasks got many and many each days and I did enjoy doing them. Human beings can’t do things all at once. But at first I didn’t believe this statement. I went with the days just like usual, ignoring books. I’m very agog in Additional Mathematics, that’s why I tend to take for granted in my Mathematics. And my slightly deteriorating marks for Maths really kicked my ass off. But still, I considered Maths easy and didn’t deserve full attentions. And it went on until my last Final Sem Exam. OMG! Maths questions drove me crazy. Everybody wasn’t troubled by it but it was me who hardly gasping for air, answering Maths questions. I felt teary, I need my mom, I need my Cikgu, I need my closest friends to be with me. But I was all alone. Finally, time was up and I've got no time left to do last check. Starting from that moment, I've never put Maths in the last list.

And 2 days ago, I was teaching my little 7-year old brother English. The questions are ABC; can it be the substitution of SPM questions? While I was teaching him, he was too vexed, and literally annoyed with the easy questions. He gotta do and copy. Do and copy. And I told him, ‘Why don’t you just skip this and do other questions?’ And he abruptly said, ‘No way. My teacher asked me to do this, and I shall gotta follow it her way’ His words realize me that all this while, I'm being too complacent. It means something rare, unusual to me. Before this, teachers often give me easy questions as revisions. And I continuously, keep on quoting ‘They are easy. No need to do homework’. But I'm perplexed. In most exams, my marks came out not up to target. Well, I got the denouement. This is my mistake. The answer for this mystery is that, “I've been abandoning easy questions, the baby steps. I've been ignoring what teachers said.” Starting from now on, I realized, I have to do homework. I'm going to be a good boy. Kinda interesting how I learn something empowering from my little 7-year old brother. So, the food for soul is that, always think your teachers correct. You are the babies and they are your dads and moms. Sometimes, to most students, they think teacher shouldn’t do this, teachers shouldn’t do that, but trust me; THERE MUST BE CONCEALED REASONS. You just don’t know. Follow what they said, never comment. Dr Arimin, an MRSM PC ex-student quoted, in a mini-interview with me, “Respect your teachers. During adolescence and schooling times, you can improve on everything. If you suck in History, you can just read. So do any subjects. But when you disrespect your teachers, there is no cure to heal the wound”.

Kimora is no stranger to those fashionistas. But fortunately, it’s not me. But I love her shows so much. Her life in the fab lane is something I considered, full of fabulosity and inspiration. I don’t know whether it just works on me or anybody else, but I love her ebullience and energy. Well, you can watch Kimora on E! , 5.50 pm everyday. They are repeats, but just enough to fill my unoccupied times, they are not rudimentary but full of Kimora’s vivid and esteemed personalities. I love the moments when she worked with her team, being with her family, and her super-crazy lives. My family sometimes prefers Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Ehmm, seriously, that’s nice too. I like Kris Jenner. Reality TV Shows are now dominating every channel, either local or international, and I'm looking forward to know, how they were done. Were they edited? Scripted? As I know, the houses will be full with cameras installed in every ceiling of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. How can they live in life full of attentions and glares? I reckon there must be black and white agreements, stating “You can show up the scenes of fun, happiness and luxury, but don’t forget to cut the scenes of siblings’ rivalry, the moments that are really crazy to be shown to public”. But anyhow, reality TV shows are awe-inspiring. It took us a look on others’ lives that maybe, seem varied than ours. But, never demand of our lacks and their fortunes. Just look on positive sides okay.

I've been visually-impaired very long time ago. Since I was 12 I bet. But, I thought it wasn’t a force to reckon with. So days, months, years went off with me being visually-impaired, leaving both of my eyes non-aided and I could really feel they were forced to see on something, maybe did some kind of light converging or diverging, like what I’ve learnt in Physics. But, it was forceful and I did really think it needed extra energy. And it went on until the last 4 weeks, where I felt I could no longer see what my teachers were scribbling on the white board, besides the fact that I was actually the front sitter. My eyes got tired easily, and I think prevention is always better than cure. I don’t want something serious to happen to my seductive eyes. So I decided to meet an optometrist. I did a vision test, and astoundingly, my right eye was the worst and it demanded 450++ dioptre lens. My left eye was slightly better, requiring 250++ D lens for it to come back alive and kicking. I was flabbergasted. The lens power difference is too big. So all this while, eventhough I viewed very blurry images, I can still see the world; its colours and expressions, thanks to my left eye.

So my spectacle came out just a little awkward. The right lens is bigger than the left. It looked kinda funny at first but I tried to get used to it. Honestly, I tried this spectacle in this one week and it sucks. I'm not free. I don’t feel it was me. I just want to take it off and throw it far. It was really annoying. I lose things very easily and it happened to this spectacle which went head over heels - in the kitchen, under my sofa, in the bathroom - It went all over the place. It made me going crazy! But tonnes of articles I've read on the internet jotting that the situation can get even more critical if spectacles are not put into use. So, no option, this is a life-or-death situation - I got to have it a try. I hate to envisage of visionless life. But, it’s really not cool. Always be thankful with your eyes. There’s no life without our amazing eyes.

Food always means everything to me. At home, I'm my very own cook. I eat what I cook, I savor what I baked. I love smoothies so much. Internet helped me a lot with the recipes. But sometimes, it’s all up to my creativity juices. I create my own ice-cream and beverages. Just by using milo, a scintilla of coco powder, sweetened creamer, sugar, and ice cubes, you can turn them into something finger-licking good. My newest favourite; Tempura; I've never heard this name before (because of its alien-like name, I recommended you to google it first). But it tasted brilliant. Should try this at home. It all came out when my family and I were shopping at Tesco, and my younger sis took it home. I've finished packets of Tempuras, and I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna gain few pounds of them. I can never separate ice cream and cakes. I love chocolate cakes and ice-cream and I basically conflate them together all at once. I took just a few layers of choc cakes, and embellished them with delicious mouth-watering choc ice-cream, just on very top of it. And it tastes mamma mia.


The SPM is coming, and we’re all bundled with nerves. SPM is not PMR and UPSR. I confessed, last-minute studies are not enough, I've gotta pound it out. MEN! (Much efforts needed) But sometimes, indulgence and lusts are what often block my desirable efforts. That’s why I need to psyche a lot. In most times, prayers and blessings are always the perfect healers. So I hope everybody, pray for me so I'm not going to turn crazier, and blessed with more humane ethics. CIAO!

p/s: An undying gratitude to my MAKOM teamers. Irfan, Hajar, Syaza, Mu’azr, Aimi, Irina, Feky, Nasha, Din, and also Khufiyah, we’ve proven that we’re the best, and our team did excellent work in 2011. You’re my greatest friends ever and our friendship will be eternal, imperishable to heaven! (exaggerated:p)
p/s/s : I'm going to make an ultimate declaration, I hope you all listen. I love you so much Aiman! (Thank you for being my savior in most times J)
p/s/s/s : Don’t get it wrong, Aiman is a girl. Love doesn’t mean love. It means gratified, and thankful.
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