March 27, 2012

2011 SPM

Believe it or not, I'm writing this post minutes before flying back to Kuala Lumpur. I am currently in the Sultan Yahya Petra Kota Bharu Airport, waiting nonchalantly for my flight.

I've been away for almost a week in Kota Bharu for my Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) result. Right after the last minute of SPM, my days never went without an infinitesimal thought and curiosity regarding my achievement in SPM. Fortunately, as I'm already in tertiary education which is based on my forecast result, I was not under an intense pressure at all. Just a little nervous but yet, keeping my fingers crossed and hoped for the best.

But now, everything has been unveiled and Alhamdulillah, I feel very gratified to attain 9A’s.

My ultimate dream was always to get straight A plusses since I was in form four. I was kind of disappointed to get 8A plusses and A minus for my Physics. Gosh, why was Physics so cruel? Initially, I didn’t have a high expectation to my Islamic subject (Pendidikan Islam) but it astounded me to the limit that I had nothing wrong with it, but yet, my Physics which I thought was okay, was actually to be reckoned with.

My experience before, after, and during the result day may be peculiar to some people. I arrived home on Tuesday, a day prior to the result, and as soon as I arrived, I immediately went to my room and slept. Just for a while, I intended. Some hours later, I woke up, feeling thirsty and dirty, so I hit the shower and had a midnight supper.

With butterflies in my stomach.

The clock showed 2pm so I went for some prayers and Koran recitation. Just to chill and cool me down. I'm telling you, the feeling was unutterable. It’s full of nerves, euphoria, agitation, and all sorts. Mixed feelings. Consequently, I went outside for a midnight view, and for the first time in my life, there was not even a scintilla feeling of scared of ghosts as my mind was apparently stuck with inexpressible, random ramblings.

The night was sleepless. Just like any other SPM candidates taking the result tomorrow morning, I just couldn’t sleep and my mind was still cluttered with everything - my prediction of the result, the expressions of the teachers, my friends’ new hairstyles, my best friend Irfan’s new look (he lost 15 kg in the holiday), and even what was I going to take for breakfast tomorrow morning. Just like what I've stated above, it’s just sheer randomness.

So I woke up after the fitful sleep, with my eyes illuminated with bright sunshine and the whole room temperature rose as I didn’t turn on the air conditioner last night (The nerves were already cooling me). I was surprised to know that the current time was 9am. And at that very moment, I knew I was late.

I didn’t want to be late. I didn’t want to arrive at the college when everyone was holding their SPM results gamboling felicitously, camwhoring ecstatically. I didn’t want to come last, where all eyes would be hooked on me, who awkwardly went to take the result, and the hall would just turn into an utter silence.

But those were just exaggerated envisions. I've arrived at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa at 11am, thanks to my Mum who apparently sped her cute Saga car to the speed where she had never committed before. Just as soon as I arrived, I saw lots of anxious faces, still waiting. Then one of my friends came to me, taking me to the hall where I had to complete all the payments and fees as a stamp of approval so I could take my result. The college management was very witty.

When the principal announced that the teachers were ready for the results announcement, I could see everyone turned red and some of my friends near me even cried of anxiety. The wait was torturous. I knew from my closest debate friend that our debate advisor was the first to receive the results and he also did some glances and at that very moment, she told me one sentence that halted my whole blood circulation and respiration systems for some seconds,

“I know your result”

I asked her my SPM result immediately and fortunately, it psyched me well to take the actual result from the teacher. Everyone congratulated me but I didn’t congratulate myself. I felt nothing at the moment. It was just surreal. Everything was just plain and usual. Thanks to my Physics.

When I finished all businesses in MRSM PC, I went for a celebration with bunch of my friends. It was enthralling and exhilarating. I laughed a lot that day and I felt like exhaling the breath I hold so long. My friends are one empowering element that always keeps me jovial and that day was once in a lifetime. I went home very late at night. That was truly a slumber party.

My mind is all coming back to where I am now seated. Just now, I heard lots of mumblings from the airport announcers. They went too fast I just couldn’t get what the hell did they say even in Bahasa Melayu. Have you ever been in this situation? Being in the airplane is also the same story. The flight attendants should clearly enunciate the words and need to control their speech speed. They were very fast and at some times, they were ache to the ears. This speech stuff is actually paramount and should not be underrated. There was one time, where I was on a way home when one foreign tourist sat beside me in the departure hall. Upon hearing the flight announcements, he went, “What the hell did the fella say?” and his expression was priceless. As I also could hardly hear that, I asked him to refer that to the nearest officers or the notices displayed. This simple thing could sometimes affect the tourists. Surprisingly, the same thing happened to one of my professors. His story was even funnier that he confessed to the white man who asked him the same thing, that he was a Korean, not a Malaysian. Get what he meant?

This post might be random. I just want to occupy this waiting time with a bit of writing. For my SPM result, I was very gratified and literally flew over the moon. Congratulation to all the SPM scorers. We just did it again. Best achievement in 5 consecutive years, isn’t it?

And regarding the airport’s announcement stuff, I hope some of the Malaysian airport bigwigs or anyone associated to it will read this and take note.