March 17, 2012

God Bless Nadhirah Abdullah

That time, when I just recently walked out of my Chemistry class, I saw some friends gathering, kind of lamenting at one side-walk cafeteria where we used to have lunch. It’s obviously visible that their eyes were apparently hooked on one newspaper, and their expressions were ineffable with random angst. I approached, and to my unmitigated dismay, it thunderstruck me to know the death of the little Dirang.

Being the one who never misses to keep up with the current social news, mostly those which encompassed me and my lifestyle, they never fail to sadden me when it comes to things pertaining to child abuse and pedophilia. The moment I saw the missing notices of the little Dirang which went viral throughout Malaysia, apparently in one ATM near my college, I couldn’t help but to woe and cry inside. That very moment, I just knew that something’s not right would happen to that poor kid.

She was too little. Being at the same age where one of my sisters is currently at, the uneasy moment did always come when I unintentionally envisaged of the same thing happening to my little sister. Even the missing of her will cause me going nuts; I just couldn’t imagine what sort of bravery is needed to receive a call from my mom, unutterably saying that my sister died, choked and burnt.

I would definitely black out and pass off, hoping to wake up that I was just daydreaming.

It vexed me when my friends constantly put the blame on the parents, who unconsciously went Facebooking at the moment the little Dirang had already gone missing, and most probably, died. She did mistakes, like everyone else did. No mother wants her daughters to be harmed and even worse, viciously slain. But mistakes are just too inevitable. Everyone does the same mistakes, but it’s just luck, that determines whether something bad will be happening or not.

It’s us, human beings, to be questioned and wondered.

Whenever I see cruelty and violation, like the one which happened in India recently, where one man mercilessly slaughtered his wife who, according to him, cheated on him; I ask myself.

Do these people have the damn brains? Do they realize what are they doing? Don’t they try to have a little moment to think on the effects and the consequences? Does it worth to kill one’s lives just because of their infantile revenge and  stupid vengeful exhortation? Just for sheer satisfaction? Were they born with adequate “empathy and sympathy” genes? I can't find the right denouement, and I never will.

Nothing astounded me more than knowing the fact that little Dirang was brutally killed and charred because of sheer revenge. One source clarified, there are those creatures that were literally annoyed and revengeful with this little girl’s grandparents and to satisfy these, they abducted Dirang and killed her without a slight feeling of empathy and mercy. The question is, why her, why Dirang? Why does revenge must be paid with murder to this guiltless kid. These people just don’t have hearts, simply brainless, and are way too impossible to be forgiven and pardoned.

She was just a little girl that should never be treated that way. Upon reading the headlines with my friends, I instantaneously felt an intense agitation deep inside me. I promptly walked away out of the vicinity with the hope to heal myself, but unconsciously, I cried inside and out, and still wondered, why are we this cruel.