March 19, 2012

Reality TV Shows

I grow up watching reality TV shows and one of my favorites is The Apprentice. This show was exaltedly inspiring and it somehow affected me in things I do and stuff I speak. I've never missed to watch The Celebrity Apprentice Season 2, when I was a kid, and throughout the entire season, I was rooted to Joan Rivers, who eventually tops my inspirational people list. She was apparently the winner of that season.

Joan Rivers is well-known for her brash and humorous exteriors but yet, she is just amazing in her own ways. She is the perfect embodiment of those people who aren’t afraid of showing true colors and just be positive with the days ahead. I'm not too agog when it comes to fashion and gossip stuff. Despite that, I regularly watch Fashion Police on E! as Joan hosts it. I cannot help but to roll on the floor laughing when she starts to viciously and nonchalantly mock any random fellas who seem to be unfortunately dressed. This bitch is just too insane.

And she is 78 years old.

When the ubiquity of American Idol, America’s Got Talent and X-Factor finally arose, I was the one to keep up with their buzz and the current updates. Frankly, I can be very sentimental in a very unusual time. I have lots of experiences, when I inappropriately shed tears and literally cried when watching these shows. I have no idea; sometimes I just found them too inspiring that they empowered me in such a strong way. (exaggerated)

Being one proud Malaysian, my supports and commitments to the local music industry never end. From the overabundance of the Malaysians artistes, my hats are just off to Siti Nurhaliza. She’s just rare and precious, and can never be replaced.

Rare and precious.

This epoch, there are countless local reality programs infiltrating the TV channels throughout Malaysia. As I am now a university student, keeping up with those programs live on TV is sometimes too hard, so I solely rely on the websites such as YouTube and for this kind of stuff.

And most recently, I watch Mentor 6 on the net. No words can describe me other than “Clueless” and “Facepalm”. There were like so many interested people across Malaysia who went for auditions, trying their best luck. But what surprised me were actually the contestants’ mislead aims of auditioning. Because Mentor 6 is a mentor-protégé singing competition televised throughout Malaysia, I was thunderstruck to know that most of those people going for auditions were not fully resolute and determined, and I can surely say that almost 90% of those participants went there just to meet their idols - the mentors.

One thing depressed me with this TV program is also the fact, that majority of the participants were way too problematic. From what this reality show states, it aims to nurture the finest talents and exquisite skills in performing, but it somehow perplexed me unutterably when most of the participants use foolish reasons to sell themselves. Why on earth do they have to bluster about their critical financial statuses, their poverty, their dedication to their mothers who worship the mentors, and all the shits.


This is just too absurd and ludicrous. They simply don’t realize that they are making a fool of themselves.

Please sell your real authentic talents. Refrain yourself from lamenting about your lacks and stupid reasons to gain people’s attention to support and advocate you. I just hate to compare this show with those well-established reality TV shows like American Idol. I’m not the number one fan, but as a viewer and an audience, I can plainly say that I am profoundly inspired watching it. Those contestants just went fierce, leaving all their foolishness behind. They sing and perform. That is what really matters.

I believe if the current standard of the reality TV programs in Malaysia is just all about the contestants deploring about themselves to get many votes and more views; forget about quality, there will be no Siti Nurhaliza’s successor and the whole music thing is just going down the drain.