March 25, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

I am now at the fullest confusion. The ultimate question that is currently imbuing me is “Engineering or Medicine?” and it repeats uncontrollably without stops. I just want to clarify, I'm only going for overseas medicine and that is it. Medicine prioritizes Engineering, but only if it is abroad.

Right after SPM Trial, MARA offered a Fast-Track program that gave ample advantages to the crème-de-la-crème to further studies in tertiary education prior to the SPM result. This offer was open to all MRSM students who scored well in SPM Trial. Those who applied in this program would be evaluated based on the forecast results and their performances in interview sessions. On the other word, plenty of time could be saved as those who were selected would gain access to highly-renowned institutions much earlier than the other students with conventional methods where most of them will only make use of the actual SPM result.

According to the counselors and the MARA officers, they said that there would be no offer for overseas Medicine in 2012. No offer at all. This was what I heard from them and this was our understanding before this. I am so agog in Biology and my unmitigated dream is always to further studies in medicine overseas. Nonetheless, after hearing the statement that there was no offer for overseas Medicine, I changed my route to Engineering as MARA would offer overseas studies for it. (Not trying to brag, but I firmly believe that I can go both)

I reckoned the Fast-Track offer was brilliant, so I didn’t waste any time filling up the application form. I chose for Engineering and at the form, it clearly stipulated that there was no overseas medicine. Later, on December 2011, one MARA officer called me; joyously congratulated me for my application to go for overseas Engineering had been approved. He also stated that I could start studying in INTI for one and a half year before being transferred to United States if I could pass its specific requirements. At that moment, I was over the moon.

At that very moment.

My life as an Engineering student in INTI can never be any better. I just love it. I adore it. I feel attached to it. As an engineer-to-be, I study Chemistry. The fact that my friends who major in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Business, study Biology, never fails to make me envy. Biology has always been my biggest forte and it upsets me when I saw they do revision on living things and cellular structures while I could hardly find stupid Gas Laws formulae and Ideal Gas equations in the Chemistry textbooks.

But, realizing the fact that I would be an Engineer who needs to have knowledge in Chemistry (I'm taking computer engineering  by the way, I don’t know if it makes sense to study Chemistry as I found no correlation between computers and chemicals), I affirm myself, don’t be depressed. Just go with it.

So, everything went smooth and normal.

Just after SPM results were unveiled, there were some MARA officers in my college distributing flyers stipulating post-SPM programs offered by MARA. It shocked me that, at the very top of the flyer were the OVERSEAS MEDICINE offers. There were plenty of education offers; some in United Kingdom, some in Poland, some in Czech, so I was like, in an utter confusion. Just in 2011, MARA blustered that there would be no route for overseas Medicine as studies in Medicine would be carried out locally (in UITM, UM, UIA and all sorts), but why on earth did MARA address the different thing now?

So I immediately went to the MARA officers and asked them, “I'm already in MARA Fast-Track program, currently studying in INTI, is there any possible way for me to apply for overseas Medicine in this post-SPM program?” She strictly said that I couldn’t do that as MARA had already given me the advantage of being in the early program. As my name was already in MARA database, my application would always be rejected.


It was MARA that stated before, that there would be no overseas Medicine which triggered me to resort to choosing Engineering. But now, MARA clearly states that THERE IS overseas Medicine, so of course, I will be kind of twisted and divided!

Not trying to plainly put the blame on MARA but seriously, because of this misinformation, I am now confused.

My only request is that; do not question my stand, question your stand. Do not block my application for overseas Medicine. Treat me like any other MARA applicants. If I do well, select me. If I do badly, then reject me.