June 18, 2012

Stop Oppressing Children

I'm not planning to write much today. I am quite resented these days and am besieged with the inexplicable vexation since I did my research on the Arab Spring; the oppression of those in Palestine, the killings en-masse in perpetuity, the misapprehension of Islam and the omnipresent ideology of the Islamophobia, the deception and the alteration of the real truth by the elites and the media, and the fact that countless horrifying screams are being made inaudible.

When I giggled too much, there were like God-sent sound waves that impeccably resonate into my eardrums where I heard the unutterable screams and cries by the kids who are now living in horror - their homes are  the constant attacks of bombs which result from the tyrannical and prejudice actions; their family members are killed one by one right in from of them, they are detained and abused in every form for only throwing stones at the soldiers and settlers, and some were ruthlessly killed just for playing football near the border - when kids across the globe are hysterically screaming for Justin Bieber; modelling for the Ralph Lauren, are given adequate Barbie dolls waiting to have their shirts on, being jocundly slimed on Kids Choice Awards, and learning to the Nicki Minaj's dance moves on the Stupid Hoe.

When I am thinking about children, I will just miss my youngest sister. And that's what happening to me now, I really miss her, her carefree moments, and her constant smiles. 

My heart goes to all children. They're still new, they know nothing, they're full of innocence. It irks me that there are too little rooms for us to do something against this worst mankind violence. People can only go to the headlines, lament on what they read and watch, and pray - something that we should never give up hope.

Maybe that's the only thing we can do, after all.