June 15, 2012

The Western Ideas on Teenagers and Its Dirty Propagandas

I hate Tumblr. Most people who have Tumblr accounts do nothing but just re-posting photos and liking some and do nothing on their own. But they privilege themselves to feeling cool about what they have posted. I have a friend who have a Tumblr account in which he posted lots of cool photos he shot them himself. I also have zillions of friends having Tumblr account blustering about their exquisite tastes in arts. Good photos are good, but most Tumblr accounts are filled with nonsensical, teenagers’ innuendos on sex, freedom, pussies, juveniles, and all those shits. Most photos display sickening images of chiseled physiques, stupid teens having sex, trashy pieces of musical quotes, dicks, horny adolescents jacking off, self-proclaimed bitches showing tits and assholes.

People may argue that these photos are just 2-dimensional; it’s a sheer arts, it’s what DLSRs are meant for, it’s a fun thing, it’s what we cool fellas do. Honey, it’s not about you see, but it’s about what you absorb and your mind being cluttered with those negativities you are not aware. I am saying in the sense of a teenager because I’m 18 and have friends being brainwashed by this western agendas, to the detriment of us all.

(It was a moving picture though, censored for viewing comfort)
Liberty they've been preaching - common descent pic on Tumblr

Like it or lump it, it’s just one of zillions of dirty propagandas of the westerners. I don’t hate the Western, I don’t hate the people. But what the western media conveys, which will always be a dominant pull-over effect (in which is also an agenda), is really worrying. Accept it, the Western ideas on how teenagers are supposed to be and to act are too foreseeable, but at the same time, enough to torment teenagers who never contemplate, as they are born and bred in this ubiquity of bad media.

Americans, for example, are continuously bragging about liberty - that man can marry man, so does the woman; you can simply talk about anything disregarding the transparency and rationalism, kids should be given privilege to indulge in their adolescence zenith by having sex (in which we call adultery), you can go around shopping naked, you can make fun of your religion and others and simply do anything that comes across to your mind. Keep these goddamn shits to yourselves, Yankees.

I don’t despise the west, but it is what I see, as an Asian, specifically. Our morals are just different; it’s a shame when non-westerns are ensnared in this rancorous mentality of liberty. True that freedom is predominant and we have our rights to do anything, but the idea of not thinking and not reflecting and treating everything as a joke is unacceptable.

Their music industry also portrays same agenda. I’m not embarrassed that I was initially the fan of Justin Bieber and his songs like One Time, Down To Earth, Common Denominator but as predictable, he is also a part of the plan. He initially appeared to be full of innocence and sweetness sustained in a cute piece, but then transcended to appear having sexual appeal as you can view in his latest music video. Not just him; Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Britney, and Lindsay Lohan are some few examples. This music thing is dangerous; it’s like pulling you to things you initially reckon are okay, gluing you to worship your idols, quietly forcing you to follow what they do and at last, jeopardizing your life bits by bits, by depicting the image of how a teenager is supposed to do, just to be cool. Enrique Iglesias for example was very famous in the Latin music industry. He initially epitomized everything Spanish and one of the Latin heartthrobs but latter transformed to the sex-crazed horndog when he entered the American music scene.

So does its TV programs. You watch Chuck and Blair having sex; Dan desperately getting tips from Nate on sex, then making out with Serena, and then Dan, Vanessa and Olivia doing threesome. They want to make you confused with your own sexuality so they put up unnecessary gender confusion scenes in shows like Degrassi and Gossip Girl. Then you giggle and reckon nothing is wrong; but no one knows what creeps into your mind; then makes you wanting to try, then makes you become ignorant to your parents' mourns, then you finally do it, then you have remorse, then you think your life is full of shits, then you shoot yourself with a spud gun.

This is only the TV ad - What we see nowadays. Too mainstream.

They are so proud of this - Also a form of mind control.

Accept it that the west controls the media. They impart a glut of alarming mentalities of what the new generation should do. No wonder, China had blocked and censored thousands of websites from the West. When the people all over the globe roll their eyes over China’s action, they are not aware that they had become the successful products of the West media.

I am so awed with Amy Chua. She wrote a book on a Chinese education and why people deem Chinese mothers as the tiger mothers. Here are some of the things she refrained her daughters to do: have a play date, be in a school play, not be the #1 student in school, not play the piano and the violin. These are why Chinese mothers are superiors and produce very bright kids. It’s not about doing stupid adolescent stuff; it’s not about hating your parents and defending your rights as sons and daughters (as in most western movies), it’s simply about ethics and disciplines. You can be silly sometimes, but the problem is that, you don’t contemplate as you are unerringly indoctrinated by the western media.

I have no restriction with these media. I do watch MTV; have a Twitter account, read articles on Times, but most of the time, I contemplate as I don’t believe in what I see but I perceive with my mind. And oh, I don’t have a Tumblr account.