July 18, 2012

On Liberty of Speech

Hanis Zalikha inspired me to write this. Why people can’t stop being so stupid? Everyone has the right to voice out something – in their very own ways. Something that is negatively perceived by the others may be an inspiration or even a joke to the rest. What people need to understand that, the freedom of speech needs to be upheld, as long as it doesn’t revolve around stupid and gross allegations and claims. People have their own opinions and are ultimately free to voice out anything.

Funny when people get emotionally disturbed when they are only not on the same page to the notions noted by someone famous. Funny when someone well-known tweet something dirty and funny, that one can easily misapprehend that; oh he must be a faggot, oh she must be a slut; when the other human beings are doing far worst mankind violence. People don’t get it, everyone has the same right to voice out, no matter what the hell are their statuses.

This reminds me of Joan Rivers. She is the perfect epitome of a 78-year old with illustrious life timeline and chutzpah. Almost everything she said will surely offend people, but people can’t deny the irrefutable truth, and can’t help themselves to start rolling on the floor, laughing with her silly, but yet truthful jokes.

So my advice to fellow friends, learn to accept others’ opinions. If you disagree, well you may debate about that with your own solid reasons and opinions. It is much plausible and commendable, than condoning to your emotions and dirty little jealousy, which will surely depict your mere stupidity and absurdness.

Perhaps, ignorance may be the best policy.