July 19, 2012

Palestine, Arab Springs, Interventions and Lies

Life in University of Malaya sucks. I must say, it sucks. The spoonfeeding culture, the old-fashioned lecture techniques, unattractive lab assistants, a glut of homework need to be finished daily, where most of rascals here copy the answers straight from the book – are really a pain in the ass. These are scenarios that I will never fit and adapt in. I don’t care. Every day, lame class starts at 8am, ends at 5pm continuously, with a slight interval at 1pm for lunch, I can’t help but to wonder, do these UM people think we are mutants? Oh it feels like hell.

So when night comes, what I usually do, when everyone is busy finishing tutorials for a week beforehand, is being on the Internet - watching Nigahiga doing silly interpretations of push-ups, listening to my latest addiction Birdy and Bonaparte, tweeting otiose inspirational words and most of all – reading unnecessary stuff.

I’m always into the articles pertaining to the Palestine, Middle East, and Arab Spring. I couldn’t remember, how the hell I ended up searching Palestine in one online dictionary (I forgot what was its name), but what left me dumbfounded, at that very moment, was the shocking definition that seemed to be contrary to my all-time belief, that Palestine is just merely an imagination to depict a land belonged to some people living in Israel. So far, I thought that Palestine is a freaking country, that’s what my family and I do believe, or at least it’s a state. So I rummaged to some other articles and found a definition on the Wikipedia that explained that Palestine is a conventional name used to describe the geographic region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and various adjoining lands. So it never exists as a form of a country.

One thing to ponder is that, the region is also known as the Land of Israel. Mind you, Palestine now does exist as State of Palestine but somehow got separated with the Gaza City and are so inconspicuous than the Israel itself. Rewinding lots of years before, Palestine is a very massive land, and its territory began to shrink bit by bit, after being invaded by the Israelites.

So why do they invade Palestine? It’s too hard to precisely answer this question, because there were too much inconceivable propaganda and dirty secrets that people will never know. But some of the reasons include the belief of the Promised Land, contained in the Bible (Genesis 28:13) in which the land is promised and given by God to the Israelites. Since the inception of Zionism, its leaders have been keen on creating a "Jewish State" based on a "Jewish majority" by mass immigration of Jews to Palestine. When a "Jewish majority" was impossible to achieve, based on Jewish immigration and natural growth, Zionist leaders concluded that "population transfer" was the only solution. Year after year, the plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its indigenous people became known as the "transfer solution" in 1940. And some scariest things in the world happened and started to get worse as some Palestinians at that time were ruthlessly killed and drowned alive. Yes, drowned alive, until death.

What irked me is that, the Zionists, the Rockefeller, and most world elites never acknowledge Palestinians as Palestinians. You see the game? When they do not acknowledge them as human beings, as ordinary people whose rights need to not be violated; they are totally boundless to do anything to achieving their goal. Mind you, Israel grows so tremendously from day to day; how can they manage to do so? Absolutely, by oppression and killing. Perhaps, while you are reading this, people in Palestine are being shot with a spud gun and brutally charred, mutilated and bombed, but god knows that no one can hear the horrifying screams as they are being made inaudible.

When the CNN, BBC, AlJazeera are continuously broadcasting that the Palestinians are creating terrors, making a genocide, doing suicide attacks in the name of jihad, people across the globe are condoning into the belief that Islam is a religion of terror, that Israelites deserve a place in Palestine and Palestinians deserve no rights. It is them, the Israelites, who create chaos and terror, but no one will believe, as big world powers are condoning to the Zionists. No one can ever do a thing.

The west controls the media so profoundly. It’s an ultimate tool of brainwash and mind control (I’ve stated on the previous post). It is by this way, it can create a mentality that America, specifically, is always the savior and a peace promoter. America has evidently created lots of unnecessary intervene in the Middle East in the name of promoting peace, in which they caused more hullabaloo, massacre en-masse and oppression. America and Israel are one strong alliance. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy confessed that America has a very special relationship with Israel in the Middle East. America has provided nearly $3 billion annually to Israel for their military defense, with Israel being the largest annual American aid recipient. On the other hand, America is highly dependent on the oils in the Middle East. When the Israeli soldiers destroyed the nuclear reactor of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein that severely hindered the Iraqi military strength, the US condoned to this terror and even congratulated Israel for its “bold and brave” action. This was for their economic interest and for the world domination. This evidently showed that the US never practiced what it preached. It’s a country full of deceptions, lies, evil, and violence. It was smart enough to conceal its dirty propaganda by propagating shitty news in the media.

As aforementioned, The United Nations and most world powers never acknowledge the State of Palestine but it is to everyone’s common knowledge that State of Israel is recognized, and what is even worse, the unstopping violence is celebrated in the name of peace.

So is the Arab Spring. Arab Spring is a revolutionary uprising that started in 2010 and is ongoing. To date, Syrian revolt that started on 2011, witnessed the highest death toll with more than 20,000 casualties.

While the fighting in Syria escalating into Damascus, there is no consensus among U.N. Security Council members to push for sanctions or military intervention (as they did for Libya, and other Arab World countries), the Chicago Council on Global Affairs had come out with a survey of Americans are willing to do to “stop the bloodshed” in Syria:

Intervene by the Americans are good-for nothing. None of the intervention works out well. In fact, America did that solely for their economic importance. They are yearning for the oil by orchestrating unending wars in the Middle East. In Libya, the opposition forces were picking up arms and fighting the Libyan military. Due to the then-leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, having never truly been a Western puppet, America launched a propaganda war to allow the US-NATO war machine to intervene in Libya on the grounds of “humanitarian intervention.”

The question that must first be asked is why America even wanted to intervene in Libya. The answer is because Libya has Africa’s largest oil reserves and Western oil companies wanted access to them.
President Barack Obama, a man of African descent, bombing an African Country, Libya, killing innocent African people under the false pretense of stopping President Gaddafi from killing his own people, is unconscionable and unacceptable. To whip up support for their “intervention,” a massive media propaganda campaign was conducted against Gaddafi. The mainstream media were reporting things such as Gaddafi gave his troops Viagra to rape women, bombed civilians, and that Libyan troops gunned down civilians. Despite these claims being false, the mainstream media still reported it. Obama says that he is only in the war for a "limited amount" of time. He says the war is now turned over to NATO.

Ridculous. NATO is run and controlled by America.  In fact, NATO is America and that the president and his European coalition are really out for regime change, even if it means killing President Gaddafi. Because of the oil and power, America couldn’t care less with the fact that thousands were killed. Once again, America is a country of deceptions, lies, evil, and violence.

This is from my very point of view: Arab Spring is tailored by the America for its benefits. America and the West own the Arab Spring. When things are getting too good to be true, you will start to sense that something wrong is going. And that is how I feel. 

There was one time, when my friend asked me, "Is it okay to buy products that are related to Zionism and America? Is it going to work out if I were the only one not buying it?" I was clueless. I seriously had no idea what to come out with. People will never believe if they don't see the truth with their eyes; if they don't watch CNN and BBC making announcements and declarations that US is the real bad guy (in your dream), if they don't have the same verdicts and opinions on one particular belief. Thus, it's so hard to see the result when everyone is not uniting. After all, our country is also in the same coalition - we are  reigned and controlled by the West. 

So I guess, that one question is so hard to answer. But one thing for sure, praying can always give hope.