August 21, 2013

The Game Circle

I am anything but a perfectionist. For me, perfection is unnecessary and sometimes it itself demands a bit of disproportion and asymmetry and a little disarray in some places so we can dub some things exquisite. So, realizing how perfection is nothing but lackluster and bland, one thing that will be my perpetual forte is my divine skill in incorporating imperfection in certain things I do in my everyday life which isn’t necessarily taboo – some things are meant to be done with a pinch of flaws like placing books on a shelf with some being arranged out of place so they look cool and used; making morning coffee with an extra sugar so its irregularity of taste unusually boosts your inner zest and arranging furniture in your living area with weird angles and layouts so it will be at its best feng shui and will never look mundane to one’s eyes. On other word, imperfection for me is irrefutably in the arts Venn diagram.

I am undoubtedly an expert when doing things that require imperfection even though I don’t proclaim myself as someone who likes arts. For instance, I like biology because I reckon, it’s quite easy to fool teachers into giving you marks without you being hundred percent by the book, like by adding unnecessary but yet convincing jargons into your answers and by making your clauses in your scripts interconnected by periods, not necessarily in one sentence so they appear full of contents. I like History because you can simply put some points and excessively elucidate them and you’ll get the credit just for that. I suppose, my skill of being imperfect might explain why I am not particularly a Math aficionado though I found algebra to be quite fascinating. I simply fancy things which are subjective to people’s opinions rather than objective.

Because of this nature, of being considerably better when answering structured questions instead of multiple choice ones, of being completely blasé keeping my room consistently unkempt and my bed amassed with stinky unwashed clothes and shoes; of being delighted having my deskmates in class forcefully organize my exodus of books varying from Thomas Hardy to Orgasms for Dummies, and simply of being negligent with precision and perfection, I’m most likely to flunk in anything which itself is imperfect. I’m quite uncertain if most people capisce the connection between the latter and books arrangement but in all seriousness, it just doesn’t grow in me when people are expecting perfection in which they don’t even show a mirage of that, which leads to another quality in me: I whine a lot.

I whined when finding out that everyone including me, who took a driving theoretical test at one company fail their first attempt in which it aroused my suspicion should there be a fraud. I whined when I subsequently fail the first driving test attempt when I was given a different car that has completely different features than the one I used to practice for weeks beforehand. I whined when the government only came clean with the scholarships and bursaries days after the results were announced. I whined when Secret Recipe out of a blue charged me extra tips just because I dwelled in there for five hours without giving me a prior reminder.

You see, I’m far from fussy and cranky and frankly, I think of myself as someone who is very tolerant. But the fact that some people are claiming themselves to be error-free where in fact they are not and are expecting for people to acquiesce with their ludicrous idiosyncrasies and deem them to be perfect, gives quite a queasy feeling to my stomach. As an 18 year old, I do feel how impotent it is for me to voice out but when I have a second reflection, I don’t think it’s an unbecoming thing as long I am factually correct and my arguments are valid. These ignoramuses who self-proclaim themselves to be at a higher hierarchy for me are nothing but crackpots. I mean, the fact that transparency in any organization is being degraded and devalued is actually quite depressing. I’m not working but as someone Malaysian, I think people are merely lacking of professionalism and ethics when executing their duties, which gives rise to condescending attitudes, feeling superior when all they do best is boiling water, and being completely imperturbable when making mistakes which may be utterly cataclysmic to others. To a certain extent, I feel that Saw should actually exist in this country so he could teach these conceited scumbags who cause injustice a real lesson and make them realize that underneath their bravado are nothing but pathetic souls screaming to be an accomplished astral projector.

You can be anything; a king, a bartender, an educator, a McDonald receptionist, a call girl, but as far as professionalism is concerned, everyone deserves a fair treat. I think, whoever we are, we should really give the best to people so people will give the best to us. The bottom line is, I think we can be imperfect but providing perfection to others is totally a mantra everyone should hold on to. Don’t expect people to be mooning over you and over your service when things you do are flawed. There is no harm to listen and to change for betterment. You may think that you can always turn to ignorance, but just so you remember, karma is one real nasty bitch.