November 29, 2013

Let Me Just Like You!

This post will definitely sound ultra-gay but I think I should voice it out, regardless of any repercussion it will cause.

First of all, let me begin by making it straight that my biggest antipathies are always people’s overstatement of love and how it should be expressed, what it is all about, what they think it means, etc. I think some people are definitely spreading false notions about love but then again, love is something almost undefined, indeterminate and extremely unflinching, if it is real.

While I second the definition that love is certainly the deep and passionate feeling, I think it is also variable and of manifold versions which nevertheless, should not be an indication on how much you love something. The way you love certain things is somewhat different albeit you know you can’t pick the one you think you love more. You love your parents more than anything else in this world but you do also love certain people more than anything else in this world. You love your closest friends but you can’t tell if it outweighs the love you feel for your brothers and sisters. You love your religion and will go against all odds to uphold it and you will unerringly do the same thing for your country but you know it’s a different kind of love. I think, love is utterly unique for certain people and certain things but it cannot be simply rated and ranked. It is basically something that you really care and feel very protective of to an extent that you visualize your willingness to trade your life and soul so it will stay safe and sound and the statement of love is not necessarily exaggerated to an extent that everyone is aware of it; it is sometimes concealed underlying your deep thoughts.

When talking about love you feel towards the special someone, I’ll have to disagree with most people’s association of love with cheesy movie lines, florid proses and one’s great largess to splurge dollars for ones. Even though I think love mainly involves our readiness to sacrifice, I think the readiness is not exclusive to only certain degree and it certainly does not fluctuate. You won’t be taking about the little things because it already transcends the whole kit and caboodle. The very fashion of that love is natural and unforced and its existence is almost unknown, which explains the adage “Love at the first sight”.

I don’t believe in liking and being liked by someone as something so big and so exceptional since you can like anyone and anyone can like you because liking is evanescent and utterly vacillating that you find yourself mooning over someone one day and hoping him die the next day. Liking people is almost generic because some people are smitten with everyone they run into and some may feel the opposite. You can like your History lecturer because she often wears your favorite color, you can like your friend Harris since he and you grow similar fondness of not wearing an underwear, or you can like anyone whom you find interesting to talk to. There is no specific genre in liking someone. Liking is sometimes deceiving because we like something or someone sometimes with an ulterior motive. You like someone because you like being seen with her since she has an impressive posterior, you like someone so you can change your Facebook relationship status and brag to the world about that, you like someone because you’re bored and merely wanting to be preoccupied with something you can talk and ponder about in the future; something to occupy an emptiness inside you. Most of the time, liking is not at all about the others, it’s about you.

Yes it’s true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But when the notions consistently morph according to what’s considered up-to-the-minute, perhaps those definitions are hackneyed and simply meaningless. Indeed, love is nothing the same as liking and admiring. It sometimes happens with no valid reason and it can be complicated to an extent that the lesser you try to unravel it, the more you’ll understand how it relates to you. One thing about love is that it is so unwavering that when it exists, it can’t be stamped out in an instant. It will demand strong reasons for the affection to recede and when it does, it can haunt you in the most inexplicable way. Similarly when it is ruined, possibly by means of divine intervention, one may give up hope and find life completely worthless, which might construe why Romeo drinks poison when finding out about Juliet’s demise.

Here comes the gayest part.

When you love a person, a girl for instance, you will never get uninterested of her. You can play the stupidest Wii game with her and can still be extremely elated. You can do nothing but sit beside her on a couch and gaze at her face for ninety minutes and feel like having the best one and a half hour in your entire life. You can just have the simplest reverie of her and immediately feel centered without even doing anything. Her beauty is never banal to you although it may be to others. Her magnetism never fails to enchant you although others may scarcely notice it. And most importantly, the sensation you receive by loving her is irreplaceable and unfathomably beautiful you find yourself beyond cloud nine and somewhere you know you’re at peace and somewhere you feel unusually energized and capable of doing anything. It’s almost like she is your home and you will find solace only within her.

When you love someone, you’ll care so much about that person that you feel the need to know how that person feels, what the person eats, what TV program that person watches, or any other ridiculous things you can think of. It's the first thing that you think of when you wake up and the last thing when you sleep, and the only thing you will never get vexed of thinking. You want the person you love to be jubilant and comfortable and are fully pleased with anything you’re capable of giving. The act of showing your love can sometimes be surreptitious and completely undisclosed to that person’s or anyone’s knowledge but when he or she enjoys it, you will reap the delight even more.  One thing about love is that it is so resolute that the terms “true love” or “unconditional love” practically do not make sense since love is true and is unconditional that if it is not, it is not love. A man marrying a woman keeps on loving and taking care of her even after she’s diagnosed with herpes and a mother devoting all her life nursing her handicapped children are an example of love. Unrequited love is similarly confusing as you don’t ask for a payback when you love. Love is honest and when it is not mutual, it will not degenerate instantly merely because of that reason.

To be honest, I just feel that, some people are conceding to the idea of “owning” or becoming attached to someone merely to jump into the bandwagon of doing what’s considered cool and fashionable. And this may be the very reason why they are sometimes too nonchalant with failed relationships and perhaps, making the numbers of switching partners as an indication of manliness, which I oppose strongly. And when the “affection” is expressed too excessively to an extent that it is the public which is to be impressed, it is befuddling and sometimes saddening to me to think that some people are bugged with that sick exhortation which in a way speaks volumes about their low esteem and desolation. For one thing, love is irrefutably undeceived by physical attractions and submissive fa├žade that it really is a strange love when people go to the length of altering their physiques and behaving like they’re somewhat not really in their vessels just to love and be loved. True lovers always believe that when there is beauty in the inside, the outside has nothing to change.
One thing for me is beautiful about love is the fact that you don’t need to try too hard to express. I think, love doesn’t need too much statement and is possible to be unstated. It certainly doesn’t need anything too flamboyant in between; the way of evincing it is au naturel and the emotion radiates in one self very naturally without any party feigning anything. Even though the word love is ubiquitously used to get into someone's pants or to even kiss someone's ass, all these actions are nothing but spurious, which in a way explain that we can always like everyone.