February 02, 2014

Social Media Madness

If in Chemistry, the electron affinity of an atom is the biggest difference between two ionization energies; well in real life it hits me that almost a similar way is applicable to predict one’s sleeping duration – the longest gap of time between one’s tweets.

Not surprisingly these days, it’s like turning off the light before sleeping and putting it on when waking up as people make it almost mandatory to tweet “Sleep tight peeps” and “Rise and shine earthlings!” and can’t get a hold out of their blackberry to check the vicissitudes of Facebook feeds while brushing their teeth, checking in via Foursquare with the caption “cleansing off with new conditioner! @my toilet w/ 33 others” with the latter coming out of nowhere, and reading early newsflashes while hitting the shower. And maybe if one is experiencing an explosive bowel upset, one may make his way to the toilet bowl with his phone ready in hand as he may want to instagram his droppings so other self-proclaimed quacks could suggest him what and what not to eat in the future.

Social sites have taken our lives by storm and it is not surprising as most of them are immensely useful, entertaining, fast, and so connective that if one is confounded on what to wear for a dinner, one can simply tweet “What to wear?” and people will give comments almost in split-second with some of them being helpful and making perfect sense while some trying to be unnecessary flatterers by saying “u look stunning in everything J”, not to say some who’ll simply tell that they are also at their wits’ ends.

While the idea of social sites, Twitter for instance, to be simple, fast and fun is ingenious it is finally heralded as the most powerful and influential tool in this epoch to disseminate messages, the fact that some aficionados are too dependent on it they became overly attached and addicted to it sounds rather unbecoming as the effects are sure albeit they take time to be visible.

I suppose, kids are the most oblivion to be ensnared in this social sites madness as they are utterly unknowing of the consequences when they are not controlled and guided to use social sites in the most decent but yet fruitful way. I have a cousin (who was aged 12) who never ceased to rank first in every exam but somehow, eventually perplexed everyone with his 2As3Bs result in UPSR until the mystery was unraveled when his parent found out that he was a teen idol in his own term - being unbelievably active in Facebook by gaining thousands of friends and followers and having every status liked by no less than a hundred people daily, with his “selfies” being uploaded and commented almost every day. When asked why, he simply reasoned that the act of being well-known and viewed in Facebook is somewhat addictive it keeps him going for more every day. It is clear to me, it is this distraction – the wanting to be “liked” daily even though it is merely people clicking the like button out of boredom, the longing to be recognized even though by gaining notoriety on Facebook, and the yearning to be heard and to interact even though the conversation is on perfectly useless foundation – created by social media alongside by unvigilant caretakers that dooms this kid and most probably many others. Just like any other sickness, once this madness evolved in one self, it requires the right panacea to heal, which might take time to be found.

It saddens me that kids at young age as seven are let to tweet extreme profanity, disturbing and sickening quotes on bulimia, insecurity on how they look and what-nots, and what’s more alarming, those who found life too hard they think they should better suicide. Kids having their tumblr named fuckmekurtcobain and having a twitter bio “I’ll let Chris Brown whip me” is a no joke, in fact, it indicates how disgustingly low kids are nowadays being fed with realization and how alarming the unnecessary entertainment is infiltrating them. To a certain extent, I don’t know who I detest more; the “Who is Recep Erdgogan” adults or those “Hiroshima and Nagasaki are nuclear bombs” douches. I reckon this fixation finally leads to the births of more dimwits in the future that when not combat in no time, civilization will be a mere history. Yes, that dramatic.

I have no objection to things deemed fashionable. In fact, my whole family members name Jersey Shores as their guiltiest pleasure; some friends of mine enjoy strutting in neon pants with sick hairstyles and excessive adornment in someplace public, and I myself do love using twitter as I reckon it is perfect to voice out any conundrum fuzzing in your mind by just some swipes and taps. But what I am afraid is the dependence of our generation to it that it gambles our creativity and originality and even risks our mental and physical health and the real social lives. I often use twitter to connect with friends but most of my tweets were actually useless jokes on puns, innuendos and Paula Deen which are evident to me, that I tweet, most of the time to waste time! It happened to me that everything that I did in my everyday life was alternated by a series of me tweeting something perfunctorily and laughing nonchalantly upon reading certain tweets and scrolling the timeline endlessly although I’m perfectly aware that there is nothing much to read. Sometimes when I spent almost hours on twitter, I feel so empty and hollow inside for no reason! It is this mania that nauseates and occasionally affects me as I noticed my quality of work when executing it while engaging to social media was way beyond trashy. If it happens to me then I don’t doubt that others are experiencing the same thing.

I hope it may not be exactly true that social sites are a shortcoming since some people are extremely savvy in managing their priorities but certain people who have observed deteriorating lifestyles due to excessive engagement in social media might want to take a step back and start living more as over-dependence is a psychotic sickness that ruins and kills, pretty much of a parasite.

(This post was written on June 2013, hence the Paula Deen joke.)